Bourbons To Drink Neat Now That You’re Out Of Chasers

Posted by Barterhouse on April 22, 2020

Quarantining and isolation have both hit our lives like a ton of bricks to a string of dominos. One by one, our routines and pastimes are being shifted and falling over. This goes for everything from grocery shopping, to schooling our children, to enjoying a nice drink. For those of us who love a good cocktail, our creativity has been stifled by a shortage of chasers or an inability to get up and go to the store. While seemingly menial in the scheme of things, it’s important to relish in brief moments of enjoyment in order to maintain some hope and joy during this time of uncertainty. Luckily, for bourbon lovers at least, some alcohol is meant to be enjoyed neat. For bourbon, in particular, there is often such a burst of complex flavor that would render a mixer either useless or in the way. It’s one of life’s simple pleasures that you can still enjoy without too much hassle. There are some bourbons, of course, which outdo others in terms of quality. Take a gander at our list of 6 bourbons to enjoy neat because you are out of mixers.


Harlem Standard Straight Bourbon Whiskey Four-Grain

Harlem Standard’s Four Grain Bourbon is a great bourbon to try neat because it’s got such a deep sense of character. The notes you’ll notice in this bourbon range from powerful malty dark cocoa to toasty oak. There’s never a dull sip while sitting down with a glass of Harlem Standard’s bourbon neat. Relax a moment and enjoy this premium blend as it travels across your tongue with each long, smooth finish. Harlem Standard is newer to the market, but quickly becoming a top tier favorite among those in the know.


Russell’s Reserve 10-Year

Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Straight Bourbon Whiskey is a drink that requires no mixer because the flavors will dance along your palate to their very own tune. Adding a mixer might disrupt the harmony of the peppery and buttery notes. Russell’s Reserve is known as a work of art, crafted to perfection after generations of laborious experimentation in search of that perfect mix of spice and sweetness. For the reasonable price, it’s got quite the kick bottled at 90 proof.


Jefferson’s Ocean: Aged At Sea

When you drink Jefferson’s Ocean, you are essentially drinking an adventure, which is much needed at this time. This bourbon has been aged specifically at sea, which might seem like a gag, but the taste speaks for itself. Allegedly, the motion of the waves yields better brewing than on land because the bourbon laps against the oak more rapidly and more often. You may as well try a bottle neat to see for yourself if the best bourbon truly is made at sea. You may get a hint of citrus in your sip, and a dash of mystery.


Berkshire Bourbon

This bourbon is one of the spiciest on the list, so keep reading if you’re in the mood for a little bit of summer heat. Actually, there’s a taste of several seasons in this bourbon when you drink it straight as it’s known to carry light notes of fall fruits in its taste. If you’re someone who favors a cinnamon apple scented candle, you might fall head over heels for Berkshire Bourbon. The taste is not overly sweet, but those hints of summer and fall might just send you over the edge. Brewed in Massachusetts and sitting at 86 proof, this is a deliciously smooth glass.


Jim Beam Signature Craft 12-Year

As one of the world’s top bourbon brands, it’s no surprise that a Jim Beam has made our list. However, what becomes overly popular can also become overplayed. However, once in a while, Jim Beam adds something truly spectacular to its list of crowd favorites. The blend of this particular bourbon is as creamy as it is smoky, yielding a lavish and powerful surge of flavor into every sip. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also probably easy to find if you are looking to place an order with your local liquor store.


Angel’s Envy Port Finished

This bourbon is as unique in its production as it is in its name. Angel’s Envy is finished in port wine casks, giving it a more fruity flavor than normal. Blended into that airy sweetness are dashes of smooth cream and hints of spice. With each new sip, you’ll discover something new about Angel’s Envy Port Finished Bourbon, making it a wonderful bourbon to sip neat. If you are interested in sending your palate through epic performances of new layers and unique tastes, treat yourself to something heaven-sent.

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