Cocktails You Can Make With Wine

Posted by Barterhouse on January 20, 2021

Nothing is more well-suited to relaxing after a long day than a nice glass of wine. As the tannins are released from the grapes, so too are your worries. But sometimes, a day calls for something a little more than a mere glass. If you need a killer cocktail to entertain friends, or have just had a heavy day, then these therapeutic cocktails are for you.

New York Sour

On their own, both a whiskey sour and a glass of red wine are relaxing and delicious. But when you pair the two, you create a beverage that is other-worldly. Plus, this drink is as gorgeous as it is delicious.

The drink is easy to make, and even easier to drink. Like in a whiskey sour, combine the syrup, lemon juice, bourbon with ice in a shaker, and shake completely. The best bourbon to use? That would be Harlem Standard’s Straight Bourbon Whiskey 4-Grain 111-Proof. This mixture gets strained into the glass. After the whiskey sour is complete, hold a metal spoon above the glass and slowly pour the red wine on top. If you have a very steady hand, the wine will land softly on the top and make a beautiful cocktail. Use a Tuscan red like San Giò, which has a light taste, and smooth tannins.


2 ounces of Harlem Standard Straight Bourbon Whiskey

1 ounce of lemon juice

½ ounce of maple syrup or simple syrup

1 ounce of San Giò

Lemon twist

Mulled Pomegranate Warmer

Although a good glass of wine warms you up on a cold winter’s night, pairing your wine with a fruity pomegranate liqueur will do an even better job of keeping you cozy. This drink will make you think of sangria, but instead of cooling you off on a hot summer day, its warmth and spices will heat things up when the winter winds start to blow. 

The drink is simple to make, and the added benefit is that it will make your house smell great! First, heat the wine, liqueur, and all the spices in a medium saucepan. Stir it until the nutmeg dissolves. After the spices dissolve, add the fruits and cook for 20 minutes to blend the flavors. Strain the mixture, and then enjoy it warm! The Chateau Viaud-Lalande is a perfect wine for this, as its peppery cherry and red currant flavor will match the depths of the nutmeg and cinnamon, creating a lush, fulfilling drink.


I cup pomegranate liqueur

2 bottles Chateau Viaud-Lalande

2 cups sugar

1.25 cups water

½ teaspoon nutmeg

12 cloves

4 cinnamon sticks

4 lemons

2 oranges

Frosé Cocktail From Ruschmeyer’s in Montauk, New York

After this insane year, you need a tropical vacation, stat. Or maybe just a trip to the Hamptons. But if your budget and the pandemic have you unable to travel, the next best thing is to make a frozen cocktail that will remind you of being on the beaches that you love. 

To gain the tropical feel of a vacation with this drink, all you need to do is pour all the ingredients into a blender and combine. Serving this frozen drink in a coupe glass, also known as a champagne saucer, will really make you feel like you are at the beach. Feel free to garnish it with watermelon and mint. 



2 ounces Jules Côtes de Provence Rosé

1 ounce vodka

I ounce fresh watermelon juice

Watermelon wedges and mint, to garnish

Classic Kir Cocktail

The classic Kir cocktail originated in France and is the perfect addition to any list of wine cocktails. A rich French wine would be an ideal complement with its deep woodsy taste of black currant emanating from the crème de cassis. Domaine Du Mas Des Tines is perfect to pair with crème de cassis. This fresh and aromatic white burgundy will work well with the black currant undertones of the crème. 

Mix together the crème de cassis and the wine in a rocks glass. Adding a large ice cube will keep it chilled. If you want to add to the visual appeal, add a few raspberries for a garnish. Make sure to serve immediately.


½ cup of chilled Domaine Du Mas Des Tines

¼ cup chilled crème de cassis


With a few select ingredients on hand and a little ingenuity, you can embrace pure bliss with a spectacular wine cocktail. Whether sharing with friends or keeping it all to yourself, these four cocktails offer something for everyone.

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