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Champagne Frerejean Freres is the official Michelin champagne, and we’re the only ones who distribute it to New York consumers.

Posted by Barterhouse on February 10, 2020

New Yorker’s have a reputation of having high expectations, and why shouldn’t they want the best of the best? As wine and spirit importers who are based out of New York, we hold ourselves to top shelf standards. It’s truly the only way we could imagine working in the business of one of life’s greatest pleasures, alcohol. Any other way would simply insult the business. The same goes for another of life’s grand pleasures. That pleasure is fine food, which has its own set of standards entirely. Michelin.


What does it mean to be tied with The Michelin Guide? Michelin stars are a signature of excellence that only the best of the best dining establishments have the honor of displaying. Restaurants with more than one star often require reservations to be made at least 30 days in advance. That’s how badly the world wants a seat at the Michelin table.


We don’t believe it’s a coincidence that our beloved Champagne Frerejean Freres was chosen as the official champagne supplier for the 2020 Stars Awards held in Paris. On January 27th, the Michelin Guide prized 63 new restaurants in France with their prestigious stars. For two years in a row now, Champagne Frerejean Freres has been the event’s official supplier. It’s an honor directly related to taste.


And, wouldn’t you guess it, the official NYC supplier of the delicious bubbly is yours truly. That’s right, Barterhouse is Champagne Frerejean Freres’ exclusive exporter to NYC. Next time you pour a glass while toasting the skyline, you have us to thank. Michelin Stars, New York, Fine Dining, Champagne, and Paris. That’s the Barterhouse top shelf standard.


Here’s why we love Champagne Frerejean Freres. The champagne is the newer kid at school, and absolutely the coolest. The three brothers, Richard, Guillaume, and Rodolphe Frerejean-Taittinger, created their house in 2005 after family members, many of whom are in the champagne business themselves, declared the champagne too premier not to share with the world. What makes it so special? It’s a combination of tradition and novelty. Only touching the finest grapes, Grand Cru or Premier Cru (some of which include vines dating back to 1926), Richard, Guillaume, and Rodolphe stick to top tier growth. The result? Silky, elegant, and divine. Premier Cru Blanc de Blancs, a blend of vintages and reserve wines, is definitely one of our favorites from the brothers. It’s fruity notes pair perfectly with fish or fresh salads. The taste is as glowing as it is fresh, making it a glorious celebratory glass.


So, next time you are looking to toast a special occasion or simply celebrate the finer things in life, consider Champagne Frerejean Freres. You can’t go wrong with the best.

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