Red Wine, The Perfect Third Wheel

Why Red Wine Is Sexy!

Posted by Barterhouse on January 28, 2020

It’s long been debated which wine or spirit is the sexiest. Is it a smooth glass of whiskey or a dash of sparkling champagne? Both have their seductive qualities and are fun to pair with romance, but how do they affect affecting your body in ways that make you… shall we say, excited? When we get right down to it, there’s one clear winner in this game of hot or not, and it’s red wine.

Red wine, as we’re sure you’ve heard before, is great for your health. Not only is it rich in antioxidants, but it also promotes heart health. As if you needed more reasons to love red wine. And, speaking of matters of the heart, it can be fantastic for your love life. Simply put, red wine is a powerful and delicious aphrodisiac. Why? Well, the taste, scent, and properties of red wine produce a reaction that is just short of spellbinding.

When it comes to provoking the senses, red wine has taste and smell pretty much monopolized in comparison to other wines and spirits. The very scent of red wine can be enough to turn someone on, similar to the way that pheromones would. In fact, the scent produced by the beverage is said to mimic that of male and female pheromones. Red wine is both rich and musky, while also carrying notes of lavender, vanilla, or butter. Experts say that those musk and floral notes are close enough to our natural aromas to spark arousal. It’s as if your glass of Pinot Noir has captured the best pheromonic traits of both men and women, like a secret potion. These fumes are only enhanced when one finally takes a taste. Has that first sip of red wine ever given you goosebumps? That is most likely your sense memory imagining the taste of wine and reveling in satisfaction after natural brief moments of lustful anticipation.

While red wine seems to be the work of sorcery, its creation story is more scientific than it is wand and cauldron. Beyond the scent, the tantalizing effect red wine has on the body can be broken down chemically. Red wine increases blood flow to your erogenous zones, and additionally, blocks an enzyme that naturally rids the body of testosterone; thus, leaving enough in the body to increase libido. Additionally, red wine is often unfiltered and fermented in ways that produce histamine and serotonin. Both are linked to sexual gratification, alertness, and pleasure. And, while you’re feeling both alive and turned on, you can consider that red wine is also obviously a type of alcohol or ethanol. Alcohol, when consumed, directly hits the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is the part of the body that handles the most primal of drives such as hunger, the ability to sense temperature, and sex. Within the body, the hypothalamus is the moody friend who you turn to for a good time. She’s a ball when you hit her up for plans, but If you neglect her, she can get pretty ugly. Food, sex, and alcohol are her favorite party guests. Red wine and a hot dinner date hit her sweet spot.

Between its musky perfume and charming attributes, it’s difficult to flirt with any other type of alcohol in terms of which is most seductive. It makes an excellent third wheel for any date night, so we suggest picking up a bottle of Chianti or Cabernet before Valentine’s Day to make the evening one to remember… or forget.

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