Summer Pairings For a Social Distance Soirée

Posted by Barterhouse on June 10, 2020

Usually, summer is about brunching and boating with friends. If you have kids, it’s about watermelon drips and cannonballs. Though the world is slowly reopening, some people are proceeding with caution when it comes to getting the most out of the sunshine season. For example, splashing around in the neighborhood pool is likely crossed off the list. However careful you decide to be, one thing is for sure: You can still make the best of your dog days with some sultry summer wines. If you feel like toasting the season with friends, we suggest throwing a social distance soirée in the backyard. And, If you’re serving up glasses of your favorite midsummer wines, you’re going to need some complementary plates. We’ve gathered a handful of fantastic summer food and wine pairings that you can serve to your pals. Here are some great matches to complement your beverage experience, as you sip the season away.


Warmly Roasted Nuts + Prosecco
Prosecco is known to be an excellent match with salty foods because it is so naturally refreshing. Additionally, it serves as a nice palate cleanser. That’s why we suggest serving it with light hors d’oeuvres, such as warmly roasted nuts. Adding some crunch along with a light bubbly is like throwing your mouth a little pregame before the real fun begins.


Spinach Salad with Goat Cheese + Sauvignon Blanc
Sauvignon blanc’s pleasantly crisp flavor is actually quite flexible when it comes to pairing. However, it matches most beautifully with goat cheese. That’s why we recommend pairing it with this dish, which is a great vegetarian option or appetizer for summer. Goat cheese is the perfect tool in which to amplify sauvignon blanc’s grassy and acidic notes, and it also happens to be toothsome. Though creamy, the impression is fresh and vibrant. If you would like something a bit more filling, you can add roasted beets or avocado to the salad to make it heartier.


Grilled Salmon + Oaked Chardonnay
If you consider a grill to be a summertime essential, then this might be the pair for you. Grilled salmon is a crowd-pleaser, especially when made with a rich and creamy sauce. Salmon pairs so nicely with oaked chardonnay because while rich, salmon is also subtle and won’t overwhelm your wine. When pairing with chardonnay, you want to steer clear of bitter dishes or dishes that require ample amounts of seasoning for that very reason. If you opt for a sauce, we suggest going rogue with creamy corn-based sauce. The sweet and buttery notes in chardonnay are amplified by the corn’s inherent similarities.


Thai Sumer Rolls w. Spicy Peanut Sauce + Off-Dry Riesling
Riesling is a balanced glass that is equal parts sweet and bright. It’s a great wine to pair with foods that are on the spicier side because the sweetness serves a nice and subtle counter to the spices. Oftentimes, it’s suggested to complement an Asian dish. We’ve selected Thai summer rolls because they too are refreshing and tasty. The spicy sauce is something that counters the wine’s added sugar, making the two work together nicely.


Dark Chocolate Fondant + Fruity Rosé
Appropriately, our final suggestion is a dessert option. This one is for those of us who have a sweet tooth, and an affinity for decadence. And, it can be served as the last course in addition to any of our other delicious options. As there are various types of rosé, make sure to grab a fruity one, perhaps with hints of raspberry, so that it blends well with the chocolate dessert. We suggest dark chocolate specifically because you’re going to want to make sure your rosé is slightly sweeter than your dish. If you’ve got a double-dose of saccharin, it could end up tasting sour.

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