To Our Barterhouse Friends & Family…

COVID-19 Announcement

Posted by Barterhouse on March 19, 2020

To our Barterhouse friends and family,

We recognize how deeply affected everyone has been with the current COVID-19 situation. Our hearts and thoughts go out to each and every one of you, especially our friends in the restaurant industry.

In response to the current situation, we’ve implemented our business continuity plan and have taken actions to ensure continued service to our customers.

  • The Barterhouse main office will remain closed until further notice, but staff will be available via email and phone.
  • We are monitoring the updates from our warehouse, Western Carriers NJ, and will be fulfilling orders based on their recommendations, as well as the recommendations of Mayor DeBlasio.
  • Any returned product will be quarantined for one week’s time.

Our team remains vigilant and is monitoring the situation in real-time and responding rapidly as conditions evolve.

Please be safe and stay healthy.

Taylor & Brian

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