Wine and Movie Snack Pairings

Posted by Barterhouse on July 29, 2020

Wine’s versatility lends itself to all sorts of pairings beyond the typical ‘wine and cheese’ ritual. This, of course, is not limited to movie snacks. From glasses of reds in the living room to mini-bottles served in luxury cinemas, wine has become a movie-watching staple. And, if we’re abiding by the rule of three, it’s obvious why wine, a film, and candy make such an awesome experience. Here are some unique pairings you might not have thought of, for the next time you’re snuggling with Casablanca, laughing with Airplane!, or getting lost in Moonrise Kingdom

Snickers + Cabernet Sauvignon

Snickers bars make for a unique mix all on their own, melding peanuts, caramels, and a fluffy nougat in each bite. The flavor combination requires a somewhat intense wine, like the candy bar itself. Cabernet Sauvignon is a great match, as the tannins and layered fruit flavors is robust enough to match the depth of the Snickers without completely overwhelming it. A good glass of Cab complements the myriad of characteristics, ranging from salty, nutty, and sweet. Rich and decadent, the two together make a blockbuster. 

Buttered Popcorn + Chardonnay

To some, movies and popcorn are completely codependent in that one is never complete without the other. When seeking something to pair with the popcorn, you want a wine that is not going to overpower the popcorn itself. Chardonnay is a great companion to buttered popcorn because it beautifully enhances the subtle sweetness of the corn and complements the buttery taste. Because Chardonnay and buttered popcorn have many similar traits, the Chardonnay doesn’t act as a palate cleanser to the snack. If you’d prefer to have something to cut the butter, we’d suggest Cabernet between handfuls rather than Chardonnay. 

Sour Patch Kids + Riesling

Sour Patch Kids are a movie favorite, with hints of fruit flavors along with the trademark sour start. With its crisp citrus notes, a brightly acidic Riesling pairs very well with any sour candy, making this match a delight. We know that Sour Patch are first sour and then sweet as per their very catchy slogan. What’s interesting is that Riesling takes the exact opposite path. It starts with the sweet flavor. If the movie you’re watching isn’t entertaining you, the party in your mouth surely will with this pair. 

Licorice + Pinot Noir

A more intense, chewy candy like Twizzlers or Red Vines need to be paired with something sweet. The bright berry or cherry flavors would match perfectly with a Pinot noir. The chewiness of the candy tempers the tannins in the wine, yielding an even smoother finish to both the licorice and the wine itself. 

M&Ms + Merlot

The smooth small chocolates offer a crunchy candy shell and lend themselves to a pairing with the smooth, intense tannins of a Merlot. The velvety nature of the Merlot´s black currant flavor will offer a smooth, soft finish to your handful of chocolate morsels. We’d suggest a fruit-forward Merlot, as we know that fruits pair so well with chocolate and adds to the decadence of the match.

Salty Pretzel + Pinot Grigio

True movie-goers know the magic in a big fluffy theater pretzel. Though not robust in flavor, the treat is satisfying and very doughy. Most often, the pretzel is paired with beer, but Pinot Grigio is a sophisticated alternate. Because a pretzel isn’t bursting with flavors, you’ll want a gentler wine in order to preserve the toasty taste. Pinot Grigio is light enough to complement without overstepping. It’s a perfectly refreshing dash between bites.

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