Wine Subscription Boxes… Are You Getting Duped?

Posted by Barterhouse on March 31, 2021

For many, the pandemic has changed everything, including the way we eat and drink. And nowhere is that more true than in New York City. Even though many restaurants have opened their doors after the initial shutdown caused by Covid-19, customers are not necessarily flocking to enjoy a good drink and a meal. And let’s face it, drinking fine wine in a restaurant is more expensive than drinking it in the comfort of your own home. For these reasons, many people have turned to wine subscription services for their home wine needs.

Typical Subscription Services

There are many subscription services that are popular with wine customers. Many of these subscriptions offer you 12 bottles of wine for $75 or a set of 3 or 4 bottles for $40. But do you really know what you are getting when you fork over the $75? By the time a wine subscription company pays for your shipping fees, the label on the shipping box, and their marketing team, you are left with a bottle of wine worth about a dollar. And do you really want to pay $75 for a subscription of 12 bottles that only cost a dollar? Probably not.

Typical wine subscriptions are not always what they are cracked up to be. For instance, you are not guaranteed quality wine. Some companies use a subscription service to pass off overstock wines to unsuspecting patrons. Additionally, the cost for subscription bottles is usually more than buying these same bottles in a store. When typical subscription programs tout the fact that wines are exclusive or rare, there is no real way to quantify that. So often, subscription customers are left with extra bottles that wine companies are trying to get rid of, not necessarily good bottles of wine. 

The Benefits of a High-End Wine Box

But you get what you pay for. Winelist NYC is a new type of high-end wine box company that capitalizes the benefits of Barterhouse, a wine importer that searches for the most delicious, quality wines from around the With Barterhouse, Winelist NYC can ship exclusive wines from all over the world and bring them right to your door. 

These are the exact same bottles of wine that you would typically drink in New York City’s fancy restaurants. Barterhouse brings the best of the best wine to top-rated restaurants such as Cipriani, Grand Central Oyster Bar, and The Capital Grille. And now we can get these wines to your door. And think about it, if you are drinking these fine wines by the glass or bottle in a restaurant, it would be much more expensive. Add to this the fact that many people are just not ready to eat out in public yet because of the pandemic’s ramifications.

Currently, Winelist NYC offers free delivery to New York City, but we will be branching out soon to other areas of the country. Our 12 imported bottles are $250 for the box, or for an even better deal, you can get two boxes of 12 bottles are $400. If you consider the type of high-end wine you are getting, the same wine served in the fanciest New York restaurants. This is an excellent deal. And in the throes of the pandemic, you can have your wine and feel safer too!

There are many fine bottles culled from some of the best vineyards around the globe, and here are just a few of the highlights that Winelist NYC offers:

  • Alma de Vino, Mar y Montana from Castilla de Leon Spain, is both expressive and fruity.
  • Jules, Sauvignon Blanc from Southwest France, has notes of lemon and fruit. 
  • Conte Guicciardini, Castello de Poppiano Chianti Colli Fiorentini II Cortile from Tuscany Italy and featuring fruity elegance with a long finish. 
  • Chateau Brande Bergere, Cuvee O’Byrne from Bordeaux France, made with Merlot grapes with blackcurrant and blueberry notes.

With our box of personally curated wines, you truly get the best of all worlds. You can enjoy quality wines from the comfort of your own home at a price that is less than the per-glass price of the fancy New York restaurants. You will also have the chance to sample wines from around the world without leaving your home. And you can enjoy the sweet nirvana of the world’s best grapes while maintaining your health amid a pandemic. And when you think about it this way, the Winelist NYC box is nothing short of priceless!

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