Your Perfect Drink Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What do the stars have to say?

Posted by Barterhouse on March 11, 2020

Whether or not you’re a fan of astrology, it’s always fun to see how the stars interpret your life. Every star sign carries with it distinct personality traits, making each one special. The same can be said for wine and spirits. Some variations are robust and powerful, while others are more demure and subtle. Based on the traits of the zodiac signs, we’ve come up with the perfect wine pairing for each! So, if you aren’t sure what you should be drinking, take a look through our list to see what the stars have to say…



Always bold, confident, and practical, you are someone who likes to take a direct approach. Timeless and powerful, we think a glass of Magna Carta Cellars Left Bank Blend is your perfect match. It’s a classic glass that is rich, dense, and full of complex, amazing flavors. Just like you!



A Taurus is among the most relaxed of the zodiac signs. You’re easy to hang out with, love to have a good time, and you never let the drama kill your vibe. However, you aren’t shy about your affinity for the finer things in life. Your perfect drink is going to be a smooth glass of Harlem Standard American Straight Whiskey on the rocks. Chill, enjoyable, and always divine.



As the twin, you’re aware of your own duality. Sometimes you’re bubbly, sometimes you’re moody. Like Cà di Rajo Prosecco, you have the ability to slyly creep into any situation with the promise of keeping things calm… at first. Prosecco seems safe enough; however, it’s bubbly carbonation actually gets people drunk faster than if they were drinking something still. Drink enough, and surprise! What was once bubbly and sweet is now shaking things up and getting you buzzed, just like a Gemini.



As a Leo, you are always seeking the crème de la crème. On a daily basis, you walk on a proverbial red carpet. Life is a stage for the ever-dramatic and theatrical Leo. You know you deserve the best, so you should toast with the best. Break out that bottle of some fine Champagne Frerejean Freres and celebrate yourself!



As a Cancer, you are a natural caregiver. Always willing to lend a helping hand, your personality matches best with a glass of Chinon. This medium-bodied wine is a crowd-pleaser, and always easy to pair with a dish. You are a beloved and reliable favorite among those around you, just like this beloved wine.



Virgos do everything with a pinkie up. Immeasurable class with an addictive modesty, you are most certainly best paired with a Ca’ di Rajo Pinot Grigio in your hand. This modest drink has a subtle bite without being overly complicated or dramatic. It’s clean, classy, and deliciously understated.



A master of balance and equilibrium, you are always welcomed and appreciated by those around you. Your sign quite literally refers to balancing the scales, which is why a nice glass of Tar and Roses Riesling white wine suits you. And, it’s coming soon to Barterhouse! Both dry and sweet, perfumed and acidity, and sitting somewhere between the light and heavier bodied wines, Riesling is a symbol of refreshing harmony.



Life of the party, attention-grabbing, and always making an entrance, you are someone who never fails to amp up any situation. You require something that matches your undeniable spark, which is why Mezcal shots work perfectly with your personality. While you might be sweet, you are seldom, if ever, quiet.



Often described as a glamorous intellectual, as a Sagittarius, you are entitled to the best. You’ll need something that matches your intensity without taking away from your scholarly class. You do best with a full-bodied glass of white wine. A nice glass of Mas De Tines White Burgundy is both manicured and stylish, while also appealing to intellect with its complex silky, citrus notes.



A Capricorn is someone with a sharp wit. Your intense sophistication and control can make you intimidating to some, but beneath your layers, you are soft and caring. Matching your peppery exterior would be a glass of Lalande de Pomerol. This concentrated wine is known for its delicate tannins and spicy aroma. It gets warmer and warmer the more time you spend with it, just like a Capricorn.



Independent (sometimes to a fault) and always outdoing the rest of the signs with your uniqueness, you are hard to keep up with! You don’t need any additives, and in fact, enjoy existing without any. Your independence makes you mirror Harlem Standard’s Four Grain Bourbon. With notes of dark honey, you keep people on their toes.



Pisces are the dreamers of the bunch. Beneath their mysterious surface lies deep romanticism, which is why so many people call them hopeless romantics. They require a drink as dreamy and dazzling as they are, which is why they likely would enjoy Jules Rosé. With fruity undertones, it mirrors a Pisces’ underlying magic.

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